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Enthusiast about graphic for almost 5 years, I have the skills to perform all kinds of graphic works such as logos, brochures, advertising posters etc ... I regularly use the Adobe software suite. I started getting interested in 3D as an autodidact. This is an exciting area! Always being on the lookout for new outlets and new techniques, I do not hesitate to seek advice from "pros". I love to share my work with others and receive constructive criticism. It is very important to progress. I try to stand out from others by being as original as possible without being in extravagance.


In terms of programming, I discovered HTML and CSS in high school. Then I realized my own portfolio as a result of this discovery. Arrived in the first year of MMI, this is where I really learned the rules and the basis of these two essential languages. I am now able to handle HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and achieve a responsive website (adaptable to all media)


During my MMI training, I learned the basics of the network. I am able to secure and manage a network. I am also able to wire and configure each device on a network so that it can be connected with another. I can set up multiple services like DNS or DHCP example. All this under linux.


I know the theory of communication and its history! When making a digital object or a visual identity, it is important to know how to communicate. The communication is not acquired only during training, it is necessary to open up to the world and talk to different people from us or even talk about different perspectives in order to enrich their general culture and communicate to someone else.